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Company Profile
The tide of industrial 4.0 swept the world, and the fourth industrial revolution came. Faced with such a situation, we feel both excitement and pressure in China. At present, China's manufacturing industry is very large, but it is far from strong. Throughout the world industrial development process, strictly speaking, we are still in the early stage of the third industrial revolution. Just started to promote small-scale automation, intelligent high-speed trains inadvertently come at top speed, we were caught by surprise. The wheels of historical development will not stop waiting for us because we are not ready. On the contrary, they will grow faster and faster. In order to meet the new trend, the Chinese government, after thorough research and demonstration, has put forward the general plan of Made-in-China 2025, and has drawn up a program for the leapfrog development of Made-in-China. Xiangxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was born under such a historical background. The company has a top-level elite team, full of passion, ideals, dare to be the first in the world, shoulder the historical mission of promoting the process of global industrial intelligence, committed to becoming the leader of the global intelligent industry. With good technical foundation and industry experience, they are confident and plan to achieve this goal in about 30 years.

Dreams are exciting, but the realization of any great dream begins with the next step. We are thrilled to advocate greatness. We feel very small in the face of greatness. Therefore, only by putting down the ego, can we truly unite, hand in hand, and march towards that exciting and great goal, and persevere!

Competitive edge
1、The capacity of ultra refined mass production breaks through the domestic limit and reaches the world leading level;
     High carbon steel: up to 40 microns (other 60 microns in China);
     Copper wire: up to 10 microns (other 30 microns in China);
     Stainless steel: up to 10 microns (other 40 microns in China);
2、The only domestic non slip wire drawing machine independently developed;
     It can achieve stable control of speed and tension, good consistency of finished products, high yield, over 80%;
3、Have a complete R & D system and strong R & D capability;
     In material, equipment, lubrication, mold, drawing process, heat treatment, finished product protection and other aspects are equipped with professional R & D team;
     The products can be customized according to the specific use requirements of customers (for example, high breaking and high twisting products of high carbon steel, 65 lines can achieve breaking more than 14.8n at the same time, twisting 200 cycles);

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