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Stainless steel microwire
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Stainless steel microfilament (10-100 micron)

Stainless steel microwire introduction:
       Stainless steel wire is a kind of silk products with different specifications and types made of stainless steel as raw materials. It is mainly divided into soft wire, hard wire and welding wire. It is widely used in screening, filter, medical equipment, decoration/cloth, jewelry, fabric, stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire spring and other fields. It has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high tensile strength and so on. Point.

       We provide 304 and 316 series of bare stainless steel wires. All stainless steel wires can be manufactured according to customers'specific requirements or ASTM standards. The wire size is as small as 0.010 mm.

Stainless steel microwire

Stainless steel microwire

Typical values of stainless steel microwires:

  304 316
Tensile strength [N/mm²] 850-970 740-840
conductivity [S*m/mm²] 1.37 1.33
resistance(IACS) [%] 2 2
density [kg/dm³] 7.9 7.9
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