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Lubricating fluid Stematic analysis
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Metal drawing is a kind of plastic processing technology that reduces the cross-section area of processing materials through die holes and obtains high precision and high gloss wire. In metal processing industry, drawing is a process with very high technical requirements. After drawing, the wire requires uniform diameter or thickness, and the surface is bright without scratches. A slight carelessness may cause wire breakage, which seriously affects the wire. The product quality is even scrapped in the whole batch. In the process of metal drawing, the type of lubricant, composition ratio, temperature, cleanliness and so on have an impact on the service life of the die, the quality of the parts and the drawing speed, so the technical performance requirements of the lubricant are very high. Xiangxing R&D center is to add more beneficial components to the drawing effect in the cooperation of partners, so that a solid oil film can be formed on the metal surface during the drawing process and play a good lubrication role.

Lubricating fluid Stematic analysis

target Importance Test frequency
PH value Keeping the PH value stable in the production process is beneficial to maintaining the chemical balance of lubricants. everyday
potency In order to maintain excellent lubrication performance, the bath concentration must be stable. Too much or too little will cause adverse consequences. everyday
temperature Bath life will be reduced if the temperature is higher than 50 C. Bacteria will multiply if the temperature is too low. everyday
Metal ions are necessary in lubrication, but too high a content can be harmful. weekly
Fatty acid content Fatty acid is an important additive to maintain lubrication performance. Maintaining a certain content of fatty acid can produce good lubrication effect. weekly
Bacteria Bacteria can consume fatty acids, and excessive bacteria can lead to deterioration of lubricant performance. weekly
Polarography Investigation of the overall aging degree of lubricants weekly

Lubricating fluid Stematic analysis

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