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Development of Apintec Die
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一、R&D Data Model:

Development of Apintec Die
Development of Apintec Die
Development of Apintec Die
Development of Apintec Die
Development of Apintec Die
Development of Apintec Die
二、Characteristics of Die Design
1、Unique design of pass, closely cooperate with drawing process, according to different diameter of entry and exit line, design and customization.
2、The core material is specially supplied. According to the different drawing materials and processes, there are different distinctions on the core material.
3、Mould quality control system, the quality of the entrusted processing die can be traceable, the quality of each process can be measured and controlled.
4、Mould management system, establish the use log of each die in the actual process of use.
5、Mould repairing, using fixed kilometers of inspection, problems and timely repair, to avoid abnormal sound product quality.

三、Mould related pictures:

Development of Apintec Die

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